Could your posture be causing you pain?

If the answer is yes, then you may be interested in this Alexander Technique workshop!

It would suit anyone who has no (or minimal) experience of the Alexander Technique but is interested to learn what the Technique is and how it could help you to move more easily in your everyday life; helping with issues such as pain, poor posture and stress related tension that can build up in our busy lives.

For example, how would it be to feel less muscular stiffness or joint pain? To have a better sense of balance and co-ordination? Or to improve performance and prevent injury in sport or your occupation? 

During the course of the morning we will explore: 

  • the habitual nature of movement and thinking
  • our human design and some essential anatomy
  • sitting, standing, walking, bending - finding easier ways to move
  • constructive resting
  • there will be individual hands-on guidance by me  
  • and of course, there will be tea and cake! 

The workshop will be held at the lovely setting of Loudwater Farm near Rickmansworth and it will be a small group of 4 to 6 people to maximise learning and in an atmosphere that is friendly and fun. 

Each participant will recieve a voucher for a half-price private lesson.

If you have previously attended a workshop or had lessons, do you know anyone who might find this useful? 

If you wish to ask any questions or to book a place please contact me via email or by telephone on 01494 783684 or 07739 836174




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