Learn to Live With Freedom and Poise!

Do you suffer from aches, pain and discomfort and feel this might be due to poor posture or something you do such as a sport, hobby, occupation or stressful situation? 

Our lives are often very busy and stressful with many demands on our time, thinking space and body. As we set about trying to meet these demands we can generate excessive tension in our body which then interferes with our natural ease of movement. At first this tension may go unnoticed or feel like a normal consequence of living, however over time tension can become more engrained in our body and lead to habitual patterns of posture and movement that can cause pain and decrease our sense of vitality. 

The Alexander Technique is a practical method that will help you to identify and prevent these harmful postural and movement habits that can cause or aggravate the discomfort you feel.

One to one Alexander Technique lessons provide lifelong skills for self care that can lead to a wide variety of benefits: less muscular and joint pain, better co-ordination and balance, reduced stress related symptoms such as headaches, improved posture and poise, greater confidence, a calm and alert mind, and enhanced performance in creative arts and sport.

“Through gentle coaching, with humour, patience and amazing intuition Julia took me through a re-learning process.  I gradually became aware of tensions and body holding habits that I had adopted over a lifetime. I rarely have the headaches and stiff necks that I used to, and I find I am more comfortable and at home in my body." Marion, vegetable gardener.

I teach individual lessons in Chesham – close to Berkhamsted,  Amersham, Tring, Chorleywood and Rickmansworth.